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E.C. Barton & Company

E.C. Barton developer Lee Quessenberry had this to say about integrating the DreamFactory platform into their infrastructure:

"Although our industries are likely very different, the fact remains that lots of mature industries such as hospitality, construction, finance, and retail have to deal with legacy data systems as well as systems that may have not been intended to easily share data although the owners of the data would love that they do. That was exactly the case for my company. Our ERP system is fairly new but has no plugins, add-ons, or features right out of the box for API connectivity at all. That’s where DreamFactory came to the rescue for us.

I spent some time researching methods for developing my own API’s or even just ODBC/SQL connections between our Linux environment and our ERP (Bistrack on Microsoft SQL Server) and it became more than I wanted or could handle. I stumbled upon an old forum where a developer was facing the same integration issues and referring to DreamFactory as a solution.

I downloaded the OSS package and began to experiment. Everything I needed was right there. We now use this implementation with a licensed commercial version of DreamFactory to interface with our still “API-less” ERP system to serve data for our customers. We send inventory and pricing data in near real-time to our customers upon checking out of our in development e-commerce website. It works and I didn’t have to write a single line of code to interface two previously incompatible data sources."

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