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Monin Shakes and Stirs Faster with DreamFactory

Founded in 1912, Monin has long been one of the biggest players in the creative beverage and culinary space. Not only have they set the standard for product quality, but have also invested in educating consumers on product use via online resources. Their landing page provides visitors with information ranging across a variety of topics, including gourmet drink recipes, mixology techniques, and keen insights from their seasoned drink experts. The Monin development team and DreamFactory have been hard at work to further expand their online presence in numerous compelling ways.

Monin uses DreamFactory to efficiently and securely access data from a number of sources. Primarily, they connect to third-party APIs (Salesforce and Twilio), cloud services (Azure and AWS), and internal databases (MySQL and MSSQL servers). Aside from the unification of their collected data, they also use the DreamFactory scripting engine to optimize application development. This feature adds an additional layer of business logic to any API call, which plays a key role in their ordering system.

The task of streamlining internal/external user experience for a company as large and impactful as Monin can be arduous. The massive amounts of data collected each day can include leads from trade shows, recipe updates, e-commerce orders, and employee information. However, the role DreamFactory is playing has reduced the workload for their developers in more ways than one. Our default security features alone are eliminating the need to invest additional time and resources to secure their generated APIs. Additionally, features such as API keys and user/admin seats have been utilized to control employee access to certain data.

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