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DreamFactory Platform Training Curriculum

Whether you're an OSS user or paid customer, the DreamFactory platform has undoubtedly played an outsized role in your efforts to reduce development expenses, improve API security, and improve efficiency. Now it's time to wring out even more performance gains by taking advantage of our training curriculum. You and your team will gain invaluable knowledge and insights directly from members of the DreamFactory engineering team, and can choose from onsite or remote web conference training.

We can provide your team with a standardized curriculum or even create a custom itinerary to suit your specific requirements. Contact our team at [email protected] for pricing and scheduling information.

Module 0: Exploring DreamFactory

Module 1: Introducing the DreamFactory Platform

  • High-level overview of DreamFactory platform
  • Native connectors review
  • Remote service connectors review

Module 2: Generating and Configuring Your First REST API

  • Generating a database API
  • Interacting with the Swagger Documentation
  • Creating and managing roles
  • Creating and managing API keys
  • Interacting with the API via an HTTP REST client

Module 3: Performing CRUD Operations

  • Fetching all records
  • Fetching by primary key
  • Fetching by condition
  • Fetching specific fields
  • Ordering results
  • Counting results
  • JOINing tables
  • Creating records
  • Updating records
  • Deleting records

Module 4: Creating File Service APIs

  • Generating an Amazon S3 API
  • Interacting with the API via an HTTP REST client

Module 5: Integrating with a Remote Service API

  • Integrating third-party SOAP services
  • Integrating third-party REST API services
  • IBM Watson example

Module 6: Authenticating Users and Administrators

  • Creating users inside the DreamFactory administration console
  • Authenticating users
  • Introducing JWT
  • Authentication administrators
  • Integrating LDAP
  • Integrating SSO via SAML

Module 7: Introducing Scripting

  • Scripting overview
  • The endpoint scripting interface
  • Supported scripting engines
  • The DreamFactory scripting API
  • Adding business logic to API endpoints
  • Creating custom APIs using scripting

Module 8: Advanced Scripting Examples

  • Validating client input parameters
  • Transforming response structures
  • Integrating third-party APIs

Module 9: Introducing DataMesh

  • Integrating multiple databases using DataMesh

Module 10: Introducing Limiting and Logging

  • Creating and enforcing API limits
  • Integrating request logging using the ELK stack

Module 11: DreamFactory Best Practices

  • Enabling data caching
  • Segmenting API keys
  • Assigning user-restricted API Docs access
  • Employing multi-layered data security

Contact our team at [email protected] for pricing and scheduling information.

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